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Save time and money with web-based property management software. Discover all the features and benefits. 

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Developed for and by real estate professionals

Bloxs Software came into being during our search for software with efficient and fully operational functions for operational property management. At the same time, adapting these functions to company-specific requirements and needs had to be simple, quick and inexpensive.

Software for every real estate agency

Are you looking for powerful software to efficiently and effectively manage your real estate portfolio(s)? Or are you looking for a CRM or accounting tool? Our web-based software can easily be tailored to your specific business processes. Bloxs Software is set up from the perspective of the real estate manager and is easy to use.

100% web-based, direct savings

Bloxs Software is offered as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). You therefore do not need to install any software or updates. Furthermore, costs for purchasing and replacing expensive hardware, such as servers, are consigned to the past. All that is needed is a workstation or laptop with an internet connection.


Time savings
All functions, including the accounting functions, are tailored to each other. Processes can be fully automated.
Cost savings
Bloxs software works in the cloud. This means that investments in expensive hardware and software are not necessary.
Experienced employees
Our employees know your business. Not only during implementation, but also afterwards, we will be happy to offer you any advice we can.
Flexible set-up
The software has been set-up based on 'best practice' for real estate investors and managers. Specific adaptations to your own processes can therefore be implemented easily, quickly and inexpensively.
Latest technology
We are continuously experimenting with new technologies. As soon as they have been trialled and are offering our associates benefits, they will be implemented.
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