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Magis Real Estate leaves PROVADA with Gamechanger award for Data-Analytics

Magis Real Estate leaves PROVADA with Gamechanger award for Data-Analytics. Higher satisfaction and longer stay tenants thanks to data. The available data enable Magis Real Estate to improve their concepts to meet the needs of tenants.
Data are used to optimize residents’ living happiness and build a close-knit community.

FIT Property Management wins Gamechanger Award for hyperautomation at PROVADA

FIT Property Management wins Gamechanger Award for hyperautomation at PROVADA. The company uses Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to automate real estate processes, saving up to 100% of time. FIT Property Management has grown to 2,000 contracts and implemented Bloxs software to streamline and automate property management.

Magis Real Estate nominated for Bloxs Gamechanger award 2023 Data Analytics

Apply data from current objects in design of new objects Koen Hermans was hired specifically as a data analyst to set up this project. “Before my arrival, there was a huge amount of data available, but we lacked the overview. The first goal was to make this data “presentable.” This allows multiple departments (management, finance,

Longstay or shortstay? Thanks to data, BEDR knows!

Understanding at a glance how we are doing Within the group, there are an awful lot of software programs and even more data. But how do you make sure you can do something with that data? That was the big question at BED’R Apartments. One of the reasons for getting started was to improve the

HouseHunting ensures growth and quality with automation

Fewer human hands results in lower error rates Joeri van Geene is the founder of HouseHunting and knew at the start of the company that he was going to do things differently from the traditional property manager. To differentiate themselves, HouseHunting makes it as simple as possible for the tenant and takes care of everything

Second edition of the Bloxs Gamechanger awards at PROVADA!

The nominees for the 2023 Gamechanger awards in the Hyperautomation and Data-Analytics categories have been announced. The event offers insight into how these progressive approaches helped the winners and how other real estate organizations can achieve the same. Bloxs, a leading real estate ERP specialist, presents their innovative All-in-One Property Management Software and highlights how

Collaboration between Bloxs and and Bloxs have launched a partnership to support real estate organizations with more complex issues. specializes in rental point counts and offers advice on various measures, such as sustainability and furnishing. They ensure that real estate organizations comply with laws and regulations, including indexing leases. The collaboration provides additional security and error-free processing.

Bloxs organizes second edition of the Gamechanger awards at PROVADA

Bloxs is organizing the second edition of the Gamechanger Awards at PROVADA, rewarding progressive real estate companies. The awards are presented in two categories: Hyperautomation and Data Analytics. Bloxs has introduced No Hands Real Estate Management as a form of hyperautomation for property management, allowing processes to be fully automated. In addition, Bloxs ensures that

Bloxs expands at Le Mirage in Utrecht

Bloxs is expanding its office at Le Mirage in Utrecht in February. Where we were previously located on the 14th floor, we are now moving to the 10th floor to an office three times the size.

HouseHunting simplifies signing process with Evidos

Constantly switching between different systems is not ideal. “I would prefer to be able to handle everything in one system,” says Joeri van Geene, DGA and Franchisor of rental broker HouseHunting. Consequently, integrating Evidos into Bloxs’ property management software saves him a lot of time.

Take control of your accounts receivable, right now!

The news coverage of late has worried many real estate investors. Due to several crises, we are already facing enormous challenges but the next challenge is already visible: will your tenants be able to continue to pay their bills in the future?

Punt Beheer takes accountancy to the next level

For years, Punt Beheer has worked to create a stable portfolio. Especially with real estate in Northeast Holland and West Friesland. In doing so, they do try to avoid the suburbs. René de Jong started at Punt Beheer several years ago….

Business Intelligence tools are becoming increasingly important!

A new collaboration in the Business Intelligence field has started! Victa and Bloxs software are teaming up. Existing Bloxs customers already using the PowerBI solutions will receive an enhanced dashboard and can further personalize their dashboard with Victa. Bloxs users who are not using PowerBI yet can take advantage of Victa’s services to set up

Bloxs realizes Gamechangers in real estate industry

During Bloxs’ second participation as an exhibitor at PROVADA, everything revolved around becoming a Gamechanger. With the slogan “we change the real estate management game,” Bloxs states that they are changing property management with their innovative software. This leads to a huge advantage for professional real estate investors and property management organizations that apply these

Rockfield Real Estate wins Gamechanger award for Data-Analytics

This year, Bloxs Software presented the Gamechanger awards during the first day at PROVADA. At the PROVADA Future innovation plaza, Rockfield Real Estate emerged as the winner in the Data-Analytics category. Rockfield Real Estate is a young and dynamic real estate developer, investment manager and property manager. As an expert in the field of

Riva Rentals wins Gamechanger Award for hyperautomation

The Gamechanger Awards were presented for the first time this year by Bloxs Software. Riva Rentals won in the Hyperautomation category. This made them the absolute frontrunner in automation with Bloxs last year. Riva Rentals used the “No Hands Real Estate Management” phenomenon in almost all aspects and therefore really deserved to win the Gamechanger

BLOXS Software presents Gamechanger awards for the first time during PROVADA

Within property management organizations, there are an enormous number of processes operating. Still a huge number of operations are performed manually. Bloxs Software helps customers to automate these processes, enabling them to save an average of over 40% in time and subsequently achieve higher sales. At the same time, an enormous amount of data is

5 Benefits of No Hands Real Estate Management

Easily manage real estate, with not too much work. Surely this is every property manager’s dream? That’s what No Hands Real Estate Management stands for. Easily manage your real estate, without much to worry about.

Links between different software packages are becoming increasingly important

Kees van Iwaarden entered Easylink in 2021. Easylink is a central platform that connects software packages together. Van Iwaarden started to further build and professionalize the platform in 2021, and with success! Easylink is growing and making great strides. In mid-2021, Easylink got in touch with Bloxs, and by now Easylink is providing links to

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