AMfield makes real estate tangible for everyone

AMfield provides strategic property management. For each owner, they want to optimize the return and they do this through operational property management. René Jansen started AMfield in 2015.

“I first worked for a large real estate investor, but I wanted to start for myself. I thought; I can do that trick too.”

Jansen started in 2015 and deliberately focused on smaller investors. “I also call it the SME for real estate investors,” Jansen explains. “We advise real estate investors. From the small to the larger portfolios. Actually, we manage everything: homes, stores, parking lots and offices.”

Making real estate tangible for everyone

AMfield I started because I wanted to give property owners the knowledge and know-how I had built up myself. The problem with asset management is that it often becomes intangible for smaller investors. I jumped into that hole,” Jansen says. “We often direct investors to increase their returns, we do this based on knowledge, experience and most importantly facts. We zoom in on the rent, what is acceptable in terms of rent, what suits that location, but also what suits the investment.” Jansen has built up that experience and in it he advises his clients.

Continue to grow

AMfield has since grown into a company with a number of permanent employees. “Recently we made an acquisition in Heerlen. We are now busy with the implementation, so we can continue to build a beautiful company.”

Complete unburdening

AMfield also takes care of operational management. That is; “we take care of rent collections, we speak to tenants nicely and that we solve technical problems. But we also have clients who would like to invest in real estate and are looking for help with that. We help them on their way and then bring the management to us,” he explains.

We continue to reason logically

At AMfield, they approach everything from a bottom-up perspective. “At the operational level, we collect a lot of information. From there we bring a management report. It’s not very complicated calculations. And if multiple failures come in somewhere about an installation, that’s immediately fixed or even replaced. Then we don’t say ‘according to the maintenance plan, it’s only scheduled for two years from now, so that has to wait.’ We combine and reason logically,” says Jansen.

Everything runs via Bloxs

Bloxs also plays an important role at AMfield. “It has become our spider in the web. We draw up the rental contracts, do the invoicing, manage the notifications that come in and put the notifications out to suppliers. Basically the whole operational part runs through Bloxs,” Jansen says. “The advantage of Bloxs is that the basis is the financial package and the rest is built around that. That was often the other way around with other parties.”

Data driven future

AMfield’s ambitions are clear: “In the future, we want to be able to manage even more on data. To do this, the quantity of data needs to be further optimized and reporting to property owners improved. In this way we can realize the goals of the property owners. In the long term, we would like to provide real estate advice to the entire southern Netherlands. We want to make strategic real estate advice available to everyone,” says Jansen enthusiastically.

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