Bloxs realizes Gamechangers in real estate industry

During Bloxs’ second participation as an exhibitor at PROVADA, everything revolved around becoming a Gamechanger. With the slogan “we change the real estate management game,” Bloxs states that they are changing real estate management with their innovative software. This leads to a huge advantage for professional real estate investors and property management organizations that apply …

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BLOXS Software presents Gamechanger awards for the first time during PROVADA

Within property management organizations, there are an enormous number of processes operating. Still a huge number of operations are performed manually. Bloxs Software helps customers to automate these processes, enabling them to save an average of over 40% in time and subsequently achieve higher sales. At the same time, an enormous amount of data is …

BLOXS Software presents Gamechanger awards for the first time during PROVADA Read More »

Links between different software packages are becoming increasingly important

Kees van Iwaarden entered Easylink in 2021. Easylink is a central platform that connects software packages together. Van Iwaarden started to further build and professionalize the platform in 2021, and with success! Easylink is growing and making great strides. In mid-2021, Easylink got in touch with Bloxs, and by now Easylink is providing links to Bloxs on behalf of a number of software parties.

Meet the Bloxs’er: Tim Overeem

Every day we work with an enthusiastic team on the growth and development of Bloxs. Each with his own specialty, we are building a beautiful company. But who are the people behind Bloxs anyway? Wondering what that consultant on the other end of the line looks like, or just wondering who built those new features? One by one we introduce our Bloxs’ers to you. This time: Tim Overeem, consultant at Bloxs.

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Zeker weten dat je de juiste keuze maakt?

Wij weten als geen ander hoe belangrijk het is om de juiste software te gebruiken voor uw vastgoed. We bieden daarom graag de mogelijkheid een gratis demo omgeving uit te proberen. Bekijk hier hoe Bloxs eruit ziet en welke functionaliteiten wij bieden.

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