Dunavast gives full throttle with ‘future-oriented’ real estate

Dunavast is still a young company. "I started Dunavast in 2007," says CEO Aart-Jan Verdoold. "At the time still under the wing of GREEN Real Estate. Last year, the agreement was made for me to work full-time at Dunavast. Since then we have been fully independent, have a new team and operate from a new location," says the CEO.

“We are young, we operate like a start-up in every way, but we do have a portfolio that has been around since 2007. With this, Dunavast has created a unique situation for itself,” Verdoold said.


What typifies Dunavast is its collaboration with other parties in the real estate chain. You can see this in the various projects. For example, Dunavast developed a new food court in Nieuwegein not only for, but especially together with McDonald’s Netherlands. And in collaboration with, among others, the municipality of Rotterdam and Intergamma, a beautiful development has come about: Project Stadionpark Noorderhelling Gamma & P+R. After realization of this project, Rotterdam will have another iconic building next year. “Working together and establishing but especially maintaining lasting relationships is something we always continue to invest in,” Verdoold said.


Dunavast thinks primarily in terms of themes. “Sustainability, aging and urbanization are some examples,” explains Coen Sterk, real estate manager at Dunavast. “Within those themes we develop and invest in real estate. Consider, for example, aging. There are increasing numbers of people over 65 and they have different housing needs than 30-year-olds. We respond to this with our specific redevelopment projects.

We have an ever-expanding portfolio, with more and more diversification. The first sector is housing, and specifically on developing medium-rent housing. In addition, we focus on healthcare real estate. For example, we develop many residential care complexes for the elderly or for special target groups. Another segment is supermarkets, of which we currently have three in our portfolio. We are also working in an area that is very new to us, mobility. For the municipality of Rotterdam we are developing a P&R site that is part of the Stadionpark area development. That will be something very spectacular,” Sterk says enthusiastically.

Steering by data

Steering by data is becoming increasingly important for Dunavast. Market analyses are important inputs when making investment decisions. With the data that Dunavast generates itself, these will have an increasingly important role in the acquisition and disposition processes. That’s why Dunavast has been working with Bloxs for a year. “In Bloxs, we have found a partner with whom we primarily automate our standard processes, such as contract and financial administration. But we also innovate together in the area of proptech. Together with Bloxs, we have now created a format with which we can convert our own, but also external data in real time into a visual and dynamic report. This format gives us the insights we need at a glance,” says Sterk.


Dunavast wants to continue to grow in the future. “We are a club of young, very ambitious people, and as we grow, we want our people to grow with us. Both in what they can do, and in what they know,” Verdoold says. All the signals for growth are green for Dunavast. But growth must be responsible. “That’s why the focus is on collaboration, manageable and calculated risks, healthy returns and the long term,” says the CEO. “We are aware of our unique situation and we cherish it.”

About Dunavast

The name Dunavast comes from real estate and from the Greek word for strength: Dynamis. Think dynamics and dynamite. A solid, decisive company with five employees that focuses primarily on the challenges of the future. What is special is that Dunavast focuses on both development and investment. Dunavast also includes projects in its own investment portfolio. Municipalities, users and other stakeholders notice the positive effect of this. Dunavast is not the type of developer who sells immediately and then pulls out. Dunavast operates or rents itself and thus remains involved. In doing so, they create real added value for the user, the client and the environment.

This article originally appeared on Vastgoedjournaal.nl

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