Proven ERP Software for Real Estate Investment Organizations

All processes for managing real estate portfolios in one system

Never compile lists for your bank again? Never wait for data to produce your periodic reports again? All your profit and loss accounts up to date 24/7 and in real time? Continuous insight into the performance of your real estate portfolios and individual properties? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Create peace, insight and space to grow your organization.

One ERP solution with integrated functionalities in relationship management, project, building and contract administration, engineering, accounting and reporting. Fully configurable, so always tailored to your specific organization. You will have access to the full package, so you will also be ready for future growth. Always for an unlimited number of administrations and at no additional cost.

Each employee' s specific information

We pay tremendous attention to intuitive software. We do this by tailoring the functions used as much as possible to the individual employee. In addition, we give the employee the ability to tailor the screen layout mostly to his or her individual needs. Moreover, with our advanced roles and rights management, you can give your employees, or groups of employees, rights to enter, see, modify and/or delete certain information.

Complete CRM module

All data from your entities, tenants, banks, suppliers and other parties in one place. And per relationship direct insight into all information regarding finances, contracts, malfunctions and complaints. But also all correspondence, including email, notes and tasks related to the relationship are clear in one storage and available 24/7.

All types of buildings

Our property module captures all the details of your property, or shared property. Whether it’s individual homes, complexes, retail, offices, or logistics real estate; it’s simply tailored to your portfolio(s). For mixed-use complexes, we even have functionalities that ensure that the non-deductible VAT portion is automatically calculated and included in the VAT return.

Rental and other contracts

Our solutions for residential and commercial real estate leases not only capture all contract information, they also form the basis for fully automated and error-free financial administration. Apart from insight and automated processes, an unlimited number of templates can be used with which the contracts can be printed or sent for digital signature at the push of a button. Finally, with our ERP software you also get specific solutions for supplier, financing and general contracts.

New construction and transformations

Our Projects module allows all data, contacts, documentation and budgets of new construction and transformation projects to be recorded, and monitored.


Reports (malfunctions and complaints) are administered in a central location, from where correspondence with all stakeholders can be easily conducted via e-mail. From the office, but also on the go. Do you also want to record all of your buildings’ installations and monitor maintenance schedules? With our Installation module you easily record all installations within an object and also have a message sent to the responsible maintenance department at the right time as soon as the maintenance period is about to expire. If desired, fully automated!


In the end, it’s all about the numbers. Our financial module contains all the accounting functionalities you need. From ‘Scan & Recognize’ of purchase invoices, to accruals, from Tangible Fixed Assets to automated booking of vacancy, and from memorial templates to automated calculations for non-deductible VAT. Fully tailored to Real Estate Investment Organizations and accounting can be run for an unlimited number of administrations at no additional cost.

Through our concept of No Hands Real Estate Management’ concept virtually all financial processes to be carried out periodically can also be performed without the intervention of human hands. Invoicing, reading and processing bank statements, reminders and indexes are thus always processed on time and error-free. So you have automated 24/7 and real-time insight into, for example, profit and loss accounts and the performance of all entities and the underlying real estate properties.

Service charge statements

Making service cost statements is a thing of the past with Bloxs. The parameters are set once per building and then Bloxs ensures that all service cost statements are ready, or even fully processed on the desired date. Every year.


Over the years, we have produced numerous reports specifically for Real Estate Investment Organizations, which we now include as standard. Reports used can also be set up by each employee individually. So standard, yet specific per employee.

Business Intelligence (BI)

More and more Real Estate Investment Organizations are aware of the great value of data generated inside and outside the organization. To make all this data more insightful, Bloxs offers several BI solutions. Monitoring budgets and forecasting models are quickly visualized. Acquisition and disposition decisions are based on large amounts of proprietary and external data. As a result, they are more objective, but also made more quickly.

Tenant portals

Give tenants control over personal information with their own tenant portal.

Our tenant portals are designed in the corporate identity of your organization and you determine to a large extent what information the tenants will see and whether or not, for example, they are allowed to submit malfunctions and complaints.

Service and safety

At Bloxs, we are committed to making your organization grow as quickly as possible. We do this, of course, by continuing to develop and make available superior functionalities, but also by deploying skilled people for implementations and at our support center. We are known for providing quick and substantively correct answers to any questions.
In addition, we take our ISO-27001 certification extremely serious. We carry out all our work in a process-based manner; all these processes are continuously monitored and adjusted where necessary.

Transferring from another system (data migration)

Does your organization already use a Property Management System, but are you considering switching to Bloxs? We have since assisted almost all the well-known players on the Dutch market with their transition to Bloxs. And research among these organizations showed that, in retrospect, they experienced the switch as easy, or easier, than previously thought. Want to talk to a Real Estate Investment Organization that has made the switch from the system you and your organization are using now? Let us know and we’ll put you in touch!

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