Higher returns with a tenant portal

Higher returns with a tenant portal

With a well-designed tenant portal, property managers and real estate investors can save substantially on their information costs. After all, you will receive fewer calls from tenants who have questions about contracts, invoices, payments or repair requests. This will immediately save you a considerable amount of time and therefore money. In addition, a tenant portal contributes positively to your customers’ satisfaction because you can offer more service.

More service and satisfied customers

With a tenant portal, tenants have 24/7 access to their data. They can access relevant information and remain involved in the progress of repair requests, breakdowns or complaints. With a tenant portal, you offer more service, this leads to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately a better image for you as a property manager or investor.

Tailor-made tenant portal

In order to use a tenant portal efficiently and effectively, it is important that it is customized to your needs. The tenant portal should be seamless to your goals. BLOXS can take care of this for you, using a best practice complemented by your requirements.

Domvast on the tenant portal of BLOXS

Real estate manager Domvast in Utrecht will soon take the new tenant portal of BLOXS real estate software into use. Femke Lagarde of Domvast: “We want to give our tenants as much choice as possible about the way they communicate with us. Until now, this has worked fine via the telephone. So we are primarily using the tenant portal to increase our service level and our tenants’ satisfaction. We also had a number of specific requirements that the portal must meet. Not only now, but also in the future, the portal must be able to adapt to our wishes in terms of information provision and functionality. With BLOXS real estate software, this is all possible.”

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