How does Stuworld benefit from ‘No Hands Real Estate Management’?

In 2020, Bloxs introduced "No Hands Real Estate Management. With this concept, the processes of invoicing, bank processing, dunning and indexing, including the possible sending of related correspondence, can be carried out fully automatically and therefore without human intervention. Non-stop, throughout the term of the leases, and regardless of the size of the property portfolio.

Time Savings

One of the first users of No Hands Real Estate Management is Stuworld. “We have been using some of the functionality of ‘No Hands Real Estate Management’ within our Bloxs environment for a few months now and it works great!”, says Tommy Nederhof, owner of Stuworld. “In fact, we have automated our entire accounts receivable management process away. We already had that tightly organised, but by applying this concept we save another 6 to 8 hours a week.”

Especially a lot of rest

Funnily enough, it’s not the time savings that Nederhof experiences as the biggest benefit. “Of course it’s nice to save even more time. But the concept mainly creates peace of mind within our organization. Everything happens at set times, fully automatically, error-free and without anyone in our organization having to think about it. Only when a bailiff has to come into action do we receive a notification. And even then it’s just a matter of passing it on, provided that’s what we want, of course”, says Nederhof.

More clients

For reporting to clients, Stuworld uses PowerBI, an advanced Business Intelligence system that integrates seamlessly with Bloxs. “Within PowerBI we have defined a number of Key Perfomance Indicators, which we use to monitor all real estate portfolios in real time and in a visual way.

This reveals another benefit of No Hands Real Estate Management: a demonstrable decrease in the accounts receivable balance. We could not have imagined in advance that the effect would be so significant,” says Nederhof. “We serve several real estate investment funds both domestically and abroad. All of which have their specific reporting requirements.

Previously, it was virtually impossible to meet all those specific requirements at all. Never mind that it could be automated and error-free. We have now solved that problem as well. All in all, we have now set up our organization in such a way that we can make the benefits for existing and potential clients very concrete. And that catches on,” Nederhof concludes.

About Stuworld

Stuworld stands for offering good, affordable housing plus attractive extras to students from home and abroad, starters and expats in a new and accessible way. Stuworld provides complete Property Management on behalf of medium and large property investment organizations.

About Bloxs Software

Within Bloxs Software B.V., innovative software is developed for Real Estate Investment and Property Management Organizations. The products including a complete SAAS (Software as a service) based ERP solution and automating real estate processes, generate insight and are easy to use.

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