How FIT Property Management is facilitating strong growth

FIT Vastgoedbeheer, part of KlokGroep, arranges the management of approximately 800 homes and 400 other properties for real estate investors. Every management assignment, small or large, is customized. Due to the substantial growth of the management portfolio, new software for property management was implemented last year.

In making the right choice of new software, we had a certain set of requirements, says Bas Roelofs, Property Manager at FIT Property Management. We wanted to manage more real estate in less time, i.e. manage our real estate portfolio efficiently and effectively.

Comparing on functionalities was still doable, but are there possibilities to have specific functionalities developed in the future? And what is the service level of the software vendor? These questions were more difficult to assess. Therefore, we had several conversations with BLOXS and talked to existing relationships to finally make the decision.

Quick time savings

BLOXS is a system with all property management functions and financial functions in one. Buildings, contracts, financial administration, maintenance and reporting; everything is processed and can be accessed in one system. It is a comprehensive system that eliminates the need for further software or an accounting package. The implementation depends on the size of the organization, but with us it went smoothly. Our management was pleasantly surprised by the increase in efficiency and savings that the FIT Property Management system provides, says Bas.

Specific requirements FIT Property Management

BLOXS is constantly developing. Our input with specific wants and needs is translated into improved functionalities. Therefore, updates with improvements and new functionalities take place regularly. Specific adjustments are quickly scheduled. Due to the busy times at BLOXS, we may occasionally have to wait a little longer, but this is more than compensated for by the excellent help desk function.

People’s Work

Of all the features available within the software, we started with features that would have the greatest impact on our efficiency. Meanwhile, we are using more and more of the available features. For example, we recently set up portals for our clients and tenants. These portals allow our clients and tenants to log in digitally to consult their properties and contracts, among other things. However, failures can also be submitted through these portals. The first reactions about these portals are very positive.

Bas: “Ultimately, property management remains a people business. Personal contact, accessible communication and a flat organizational structure fit our corporate culture. In that sense, BLOXS also suits us as a partner. Together we ensure that FIT Property Management can continue to grow”.

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