Business Intelligence

Always up-to-date insight into your portfolio(s) with Bloxs Data Analytics

With Business Intelligence (BI), you collect and analyze internal (and external) business information to inform strategic choices. For processing and presenting large amounts of information, visualization is crucial.

More and more organizations are aware of the great value of data generated inside and outside the organization. To make all this data more insightful, Bloxs offers several BI solutions.

Wondering how your organization and your real estate portfolios are doing? Benchmarking property performance against market analysis? Bloxs’ BI solutions make it transparent.

Easily create, analyze and predict visualizations

With Bloxs’ BI solutions, you are able to quickly create visualizations and all strategic information becomes easily understandable. Financial data from one or more entities, insights into the performance of real estate portfolios, or making predictions of rental or purchase prices; our BI solutions allow you to visualize and analyze data in minute detail.


Real Estate Investment Organizations and Asset Managers

As a Real Estate Investment Organization, visualize key information of entities, property portfolio(s) and buildings with our BI solutions. But also monitoring budgets and even forecasting models are quickly visualized. Acquisition and disposition decisions are based on large amounts of proprietary and external data. Decisions are therefore more objective, but also made more quickly.

Property Management Organizations

Property Management Organizations not only monitor their own organization with our BI solution, but more importantly, they gain a powerful advisory tool. With the visualizations, you offer large and small clients insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are important to them. With our standard, or self-defined dashboards, you can immediately see the improvement potential in revenues and costs at the level of entity, property portfolio, complex or rentable unit. Curious about the reaction of your (potential) clients?

Ready to use and easy to expand

Our BI solution comes standard with multiple ready-to-use dashboards on revenue, expenses, earnings, accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheet positions and liquidity at the entity, complex and rentable unit level and is ready to use immediately. Within the BI solution, new dashboards and KPIs can be added and existing visualizations are fully customizable. Finally, it is possible to share the visualizations with your stakeholders; from employees to management and from customers to banks. And the good thing is: when you work with Bloxs Software, the data comes directly from the system and is therefore always up to date!

The benefits of Business Intelligence (BI)

With our BI solutions bring data from your own Bloxs environment and other sources to life. Zoom in on detailed information and drive results!

Standard dashboards

We have already created 25 standard dashboards. All your entities and all your objects are thus instantly visually analyzable over all the periods you have managed them in your Bloxs application.

Power BI

For our BI solutions, we use Power BI from Microsoft. Power BI is offered worldwide as visual analytics software. Power BI provides users with the growing need for reporting and visual self-service analytics, using data from a variety of sources.

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