Connect via the API of Bloxs or via a certified integrations

Our connectors allow you to integrate other software to Bloxs. For example, data from Bloxs can be automatically updated in the other application, or data from the other application can be processed directly in Bloxs.

Also integrate with Bloxs?

We have two options for establishing integrations. The first option is to use the open, but standard API of Bloxs. The second possibility is to realize a certified integration


Open API ​

Our open API basically consists of a ‘Get Connector’ (retrieve data from Bloxs) and an ‘Update Connector’ (create or update data in Bloxs). Based on the existing, but standard possibilities, data can be automatically retrieved from Bloxs and then (also automatically) read into the other application.

The other way around is also possible. Have data from a website, or other software read into Bloxs. For example, new relationships, or new contracts can be created in Bloxs, based on data already processed in the other application. These integrations must be set up by our customers themselves. However, we have a partner who knows the Bloxs application well and can therefore be helpful in setting up the desired integration.

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? On you will find more (technical) information. Or contact Easylink for the possibilities.

Certified integration

In the case of a certified integration, we ensure, together with the other software supplier, that the integration really is given a place within the Bloxs application. All existing and new Bloxs customers can find information about the integration within their own Bloxs application. Moreover, the integration can also be activated directly from the Bloxs application.

The goal of the integration is for the customer(s) to get started with the integration as soon as possible and experience as much value as possible by using it! But in this way, the customer is also assured that the integration has been tested for function and safety, is maintained and certified by Bloxs.

Want to establish a certified integration? Here you will find more information about the process and ideas can be submitted!

Interested? Make an appointment with one of our account managers!

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