This is how you become a link partner with Bloxs

Are you wanting to establish a new link with Bloxs? Wondering how this process works? Different components are tested and different requirements are set.

The cost for a certified link is
a one-off charge of € 995.00 and € 150.00 per month.

This includes:

  • 1 link (in 1 functional area within the Bloxs application)
  • Your own test environment with demo data
  • Half a day of development work 
  • Training to learn about the Bloxs application in the area to which the link relates
  • Guidance on how to establish the link
  • Inclusion of the link in the configuration page within all customer environments
  • Your information on our link partner page
  • Reported in our update letters

Step 1:
The application phase

First, you fill out the application form. In this form we ask about the added value, your experience and our mutual customers, among other things. 

On receipt of your request, we will contact you by phone. During this conversation, we will get to know each other better and explore whether there is a match for a linking. If there is a match, the request will be forwarded and we will go ahead and provide a quotation. 

Step 2:
The construction phase

Once the quotation has been signed, we get to work! The link will be built and upon completion we like to see a demonstration. 

The end result of the construction phase is the inclusion of the link in the configuration screen of the Bloxs application and the fact that care has been taken to make the link as easy as possible to activate and use. Plus no one need have any concern about it working well. The better the link is built, the easier the implementation and the more customers that will use the link. Have you run into a challenge during developments? Our people are ready to discuss the problem with you.

The construction phase is as follows: 

  • Commissioning of the test environment
  • Completion of the training by your supervisor, so that you have all the knowledge you need to get started
  • Construction and implementation of the link
  • All documentation in relation to the link must be described
  • Planning and execution of a demo 

Step 3:

The final step is to give a demonstration. During the demonstration, we will jointly look at:  

  1. The active link between your Bloxs test environment and your software.
  2. You will take us through setting up the connection and linking to our software.
  3. You will show what our mutual customer’s process looks like and what data is being exchanged. 
  4. Questions will be answered about the security of the connection and the software. This is because it must comply with ISO27001 standards. 
  5. You will explain what the data is used for and why data (if any) is stored. 

Successful demo? 

If the demonstration is successful, we can let the real estate world know about it! In any case, we will make sure that your information becomes available on our website. Moreover, the link will be made public via social media and through our update letter, which will be sent to thousands of recipients!   

The application:
The application form

We would love to help you! Call us at 030 - 290 13 77 or email

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