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Automated reports: better and much quicker

In an age of a 24/7 economy, real estate investors are placing ever higher requirements on real estate managers. As a result, not only institutional investors, but also private real estate investors expect reports to be delivered faster than ever. Moreover, standard reports will not cut the mustard. The reports are expected to be bespoke, fully customised to the requirements of the investor.

Save time on your reports

Preparing and delivering reports is a time-consuming business. Furthermore, it is actually redundant. It can now be done in a much more modern, fully automated manner, and you will never look back. Using the BLOXS real estate software application, your investors can view the information they require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This information is provided in real time, so could not be more up to date. If an investor wishes to receive the reports in his or her mailbox at set times, it is possible to create a fully automated process.

Good for your customer relations

Your customers no longer have to wait for the periodic reports and can view the information in real time at any moment of the day. This will help you to increase not only your service level, but also the satisfaction of your investors. This is a simple way of garnering customer loyalty and will also save you time. Time that you can undoubtedly fill with other things.

Do you want to know what automatic reports might mean for you? Then do not hesitate to contact us for more information with no obligation.

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