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For whom is it for?

Bloxs software has been developed for organisations in which real estate
forms an essential part of the value added chain.

Are you looking for powerful software to efficiently and effectively manage your real estate portfolio(s)? Or are you looking for a CRM or accounting tool? You can easily customise our web-based software to suit your particular business processes. Bloxs Software has been set up from the perspective of the real estate manager and is easy to use.

real estate investor

Whether your organisation consists of one or more entities, or your portfolio is small or large, or whether you specialise in residential or commercial real estate: Bloxs Software will enable you to automate your processes and give you a real time insight into the performance of your organisation(s), portfolios and objects.

As a real estate manager, you have a number of stakeholders each with their specific information needs. Bloxs Software will not only save you time, but will also offer you with solutions for providing your stakeholders with the information relevant to them in real time, 24/7.

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