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How FIT real estate management is facilitating strong growth

FIT Vastgoedbeheer, part of KlokGroep, oversees the management of approximately 800 residential properties and 400 other properties for real estate investors. Each management job, small or large, is bespoke. Due to the strong growth in the management portfolio, new software for real estate management was implemented last year.

When making the right choice of new software, we had a certain package of requirements, explained Bas Roelofs, Real Estate Manager for FIT Vastgoedbeheer. We wanted to manage more real estate in less time, in other words to manage our real estate portfolio efficiently and effectively.

Comparing the functions was useful, but are there also opportunities for developing specific functions in the future? And what is the service level of the software supplier? These questions were harder to assess. We have therefore had various conversations with BLOXS and conversations with existing associates in order to come to a final decision.

Time saving quickly recorded

BLOXS is a system that combines all real estate management functions and financial functions. Buildings, contracts, financial administration, maintenance and report; everything is processed and available for consultation in one system. It is a comprehensive system that renders all other software or accounting package surplus to requirement. Implementation depends on the size of the organisation, but everything went very smoothly when we implemented the system. Our management was pleasantly surprised by the increase in efficiency and the savings delivered by the FIT Vastgoedbeheer system, explained Bas.

Specific requirements for FIT Vastgoedbeheer

BLOXS is developing constantly. The specific requirements and needs input by us are translated into improved functions. There are therefore regular updates with improvements and new functions. Specific adaptations are scheduled promptly. Due to the activities going on at BLOXS, it may be the case that we have to wait a bit longer, but this is more than compensated for by the outstanding help desk function.

Human work

Of all the functions available within the software, we started with those functions that will have the biggest impact on our efficiency. We are now using more and more of the available functions. For example, we have we recently set up portals for our customers and tenants. Our customers and tenants can use these portals to digitally log in to consult the real estate and contracts, for example. However, notifications of faults can also be submitted via these portals. Initial reactions to these portals have been extremely positive.

Bas: “Vastgoedbeheer is ultimately still a true example of human work. Personal contact, easily accessible communication, and the flat organisational structure sits well with our company culture. In this sense, BLOXS is the ideal partner for us. Together we ensure that FIT Vastgoedbeheer can continue to grow”.

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