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Peter van Bruggen chooses BLOXS real estate management software

Approximately 1600 rented units are managed at Peter van Bruggen BV in Heerlen. Customers primarily comprise private individuals, but the company also works for several pension funds. Martijn Timmers, director of Peter van Bruggen BV: “We offer our customers specific services tailored to their needs. That is reasonably practicable, but it also distinguishes our customer-focused attitude. This also meant that we were looking for software that in essence included all elements for real estate management but was able to be adapted specifically to our company in terms of its functions.”

Specific set-up

Timmers continued: “We were using an automation system that was no longer meeting the needs of our company. BLOXS was the right port of call for us. The basis of the software seemed to largely meet our needs. We determined the scope of our specific requirements. Once we had approved the plan, all specific functions were implemented and we were soon able to use the software.”

BLOXS real estate specialists

When asked about the decisive factor for choosing BLOXS real estate software, Timmers responded as follows: “The software “thinks” for itself, as it were, during all processes, as in the case, for example, of extending, indexing and creating rent statements. Everything is prepared automatically on a periodic basis. What was also important to us was that BLOXS has a lot of real estate knowledge. Right at the point of initial contact, it is clear that they know what they are talking about. Conversations did not centre on software, but also touched on real estate and everything involved with this. At BLOXS, they understand directly how our company works and we saw this reflected in the specific set-up of the software.”

Peter van Bruggen is involved exclusively in the management and rental/letting of approximately 1600 rented units.

Its working area primarily covers the provinces of Limburg and Noord-Brabant and its customers are primarily private individuals, although they also work for several pension funds.

Apart from the rental of standalone and non-standalone residential premises (student rooms) in the private sector, Peter van Bruggen will also be able to help you with renting, for example, office premises, shop premises, garage boxes and parking spaces in various price categories.

More information can be found on the website of Peter van Bruggen.

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