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Real estate manager, increase your margin!

The margins of real estate managers have been under pressure for a number of years, while quality requirements are rising. However, there are ways of raising your margin to higher levels. In this article, we will tell you how this can be done.

Be creative

It is of course almost always possible to cut costs somewhere, or to work more efficiently. However, to guarantee quality, a certain level of knowledge must nevertheless be maintained. And that costs money. The solution therefore does not lie only in cutting costs, but also in finding new types of services to provide.


Despite the fact that the real estate sector is still characterised as conservative, research shows clearly that real estate investors are open to modernising services from real estate managers. Therefore, modernise and seize your opportunities!

Be proactive

Real estate managers sharing in the operating risks of your investor is one of the modernising forms service provision. This involvement can take many forms, enabling you to offer a bespoke service. However, as the manager you must take the initiative and show the investor how you will together benefit from sharing not only the risk of operating income, but also the costs!

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