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The modules

The software is made from 6 modules that complement each other.
The integrated financial approach that distinguishes our application forms an important link between the modules.


You determine which functions you use and how you use them. This means that the software dovetails perfectly with your needs at all times.

Relationship management

All information from your tenants, suppliers and owners is made accessible. For each relation you will find the specific information you need at a glance. You can grant access to external relations through various portals in your corporate identity.

Building management

The management of buildings, including the information that you wish to retrieve for the buildings, is customised to your organisation. As Bloxs Software has an integrated financial module, you will have a real time insight 24/7 into the performance of buildings.

Contract management

In addition to rental contracts for residential properties and commercial real estate, Bloxs also offers solutions for supplier and financing contracts. Templates for rental contracts are sent by default for digital signing and the content of the templates can be adapted freely.

Financial management

Bloxs Software is unique due to the full integration of a large number of financial functions. An accounting package is no longer required. The features include fully automated invoices, indexing of contracts, the dunning process and processing of bank transactions. A balance sheet and profit and loss account are available for each owner and/or entity in real time.


You have a number of standard comprehensive reports. In addition, we offer solutions for reports that are specifically required for your organisation.

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