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To fulfill our mission, we are looking to consolidate our team

At Bloxs, we develop, sell and implement real estate management software. Our target groups consist of real estate investors and managers. Every day, we work with a team of specialists in the field of real estate, accountancy and software development to the satisfaction of our customers.

Bloxs is growing. How is that happening?

Bloxs is a growing organisation that is now operating internationally. We owe this growth to the dedication of our team. This team consists of various people, with differing characters and interests. But we all share two things in common: we are (in the main) doing what we enjoy and want to offer the best possible customer experience.

What we are doing at Bloxs

We are making state-of-the-art software for real estate investors and managers. Software that has complex elements but is nevertheless easy and intuitive for our customers to use. We achieve this using technologies such as C#, .NET MVC, jQuery and Bootstrap, but also CSS, HTML and jQuery. 

Get the best out of yourself. And if you want to do something else?

If you come and work for us, we will ideally focus on developing and consolidating those areas you are strong in, or those in which you would like to develop strengths. At Bloxs, we believe that this is the way that we will bring out the very best in you. However, if you decide that you would like to go down a different path, we will encourage you in this. You will not only be given a training budget that you can spend as you choose, but if you decide after a while that you wish to be assigned to a different project, then we will look together for a different challenge that you can embrace instead.

And the salary?

Of course we hope that you will stay with us for as long as possible. You have already read how we think we can do that. However, we understand that you need to put bread on the table. We base salaries on experience and expertise. And we will continue to do this. Your salary will therefore grow with you. The number of days’ leave is set at the standard 25 days, but you will have the opportunity to take more or fewer days’ leave. We will tailor secondary employment conditions to your needs.

And to cap it all

You will be given plenty of scope to develop. As soon as you have earned it, you will be given more responsibility. In its most extreme form, we even offer the opportunity to effectively become a co-owner through our share option scheme. And how amazing is it to organise a hackathon together with your colleagues?

To amazing to be true?

Well, then there is only one thing to do. Make an appointment and, over a cup of good coffee (or tea, or a cold drink, whichever is preferred), bombard your future team mates with questions.


Call or email Fijtse Vos:
Telephone: +31 (0)30 – 290 13 77

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