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Bloxs consultancy

When you have chosen Bloxs, something is going to change within your organization. Therefore, to get the most out of the software, it is important to set it up properly. You don’t do this alone; with a template from Bloxs and a consultant to guide you, we ensure a successful implementation.

Tap into the knowledge of hundreds of organizations

We have implemented our software at hundreds of large and smaller real estate organizations and have a lot of experience in transferring data from many other systems. But you may also come to the conclusion that it is useful to evaluate your business processes and tighten them up where necessary. Your regular consultant will support you through the entire process.


Fast and economical

The implementation is always tailored to your organization. The duration depends on the functionalities to be used, the size of the organization and the amount of data we need to transfer from the previous system to Bloxs. However, we work exclusively for real estate companies. In addition, our software is always based on pre-engineered templates. So that means that our employees have a tremendous amount of knowledge about your field and our software is, for the most part, already set up correctly for Real Estate Investment and Property Management Organizations. Tailoring it specifically to your organization is therefore accomplished quickly and inexpensively!

Online, on-site, or a combination

In principle, the entire implementation can take place online. This is fast, usually more economical, and sessions can be recorded in some cases for later review. But in some cases it is still better or more pleasant to meet. For example, during training or sessions where different employees, or groups of employees, need to be consulted multiple times throughout the day.

Configure and tune to your organization

Together with our team of consultants, you determine which modules and functionalities you will use for your organization, how the functionalities should be set up and which employees will work with which functionalities. But also the technical aspects, such as email integration and the layout of documents (such as invoices, reminders, indexing letters, contracts and rent bills) are discussed and tailored to your organization. Although there are numerous configuration options, even configuring is relatively easy within Bloxs. Even training one or more employees to be an application manager is therefore certainly a possibility!

Data migration from other systems

As applicable, all data is pulled from your previous system, arranged and prepared for importing the data into the Bloxs environment. Transferring the financial records of previous years is also one of the possibilities with our data migrations.

Training of colleagues

Training of you and your colleagues is usually done ‘on the job’ and is part of the implementation. All employees are introduced to your own Bloxs environment, based on how the functionalities and processes are set up within your organization. Also, according to our customers, the training sessions are very fast compared to what they are used to!

Completion and going live

During the implementation, everything is recorded in an implementation plan. A reference book which is useful during the implementation, but also afterwards. Once everything is set up to your liking and you and your colleagues enjoy working with the portions for which you are responsible, your Bloxs environment is permanently transferred to your organization. 

Support after implementation

But even after implementation, the Bloxs team remains ready to assist you and your colleagues. Our support center is available Monday through Saturday. But also for help with desired changes in the configuration, or training for new employees, the professionals at Bloxs are available after implementation! The Bloxs support center is rated 8.9 by our customers! And that’s not crazy. We have 100% focus on our customers, the employees of Bloxs without exception have excellent real estate knowledge and despite the good customer appreciation, we still try to improve our service a little every day.

Bloxs implementations in brief

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