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Bloxs support center

Do you have a question about using Bloxs or do you encounter a problem while working with Bloxs? Then our colleagues at the support center are ready for you.

This is how Bloxs Supportworks

After the implementation is complete, all your colleagues can contact the Bloxs support center. We answer any questions related to the operation of the functionalities as they are set up in your organization’s Bloxs environment. Free and unlimited, simply because we want to provide the best service.
For (minor) set-up issues that are not handled by customer support, such as adapting a functionality already in use, activating and configuring a functionality not yet in use, or adapting one of the templates used by you, Bloxs service management can be used.


Service Management

Online knowledge base

Within our online knowledge base you can find information about the operation of the functionalities within Bloxs. In addition, many of the furnishing options can also be consulted here. Also useful if you are looking for the operation and setup of features not yet used by your organization. The knowledge base can be accessed by all your colleagues directly from your own Bloxs environment.

Direct contact

If you would like to speak to a Bloxs employee directly, we can be reached as follows on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00:

From your Bloxs environment

Click on the question mark at the top right

But we are also available on Saturdays and you will be helped if you ask your question via email, or directly from the Bloxs environment!

Service Management

For minor set-up issues, such as adjusting the operation of an existing feature, changing used document templates, or configuring a new feature, it is usually not necessary to purchase a full, or even half-day consultancy at all. For a small fee, we will take over the setup completely, or do the setup with you or your remote colleague.

Support center in brief

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